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Dr. Gabrielle Wong-Parodi was born and raised in San Francisco in an ethnically and culturally diverse household. This foundation and her life, work, and educational experiences underpin her research and teaching philosophy, structure of the lab, and design of the courses she teaches. The students, staff, and post-doctoral fellows in our research group also hold a range of experiences and come from different backgrounds, with respect to ethnicity, nationality, career paths, disciplines, and more. A number in our group are also involved in outreach and community engagement, such as the SESUR Program, Letters to a Pre-Scientist, community initiatives like Climate Ready North Fair Oaks, community development groups in Pittsburgh, and policy engagement initiatives like the Platform on Disaster Displacement Advisory Committee –as just a few examples. We value experiences and collaborations to share our science with others and to implement our findings with the communities we partner with.




We are also grateful to the researchers across campus and beyond who contribute to our group meetings and collaborations. Below are a few members of our larger community.