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What We Do

Our group employs social and behavioral science approaches to understand how people make decisions to address the impacts of climate change and how robust interventions can empower them to make decisions that serve their lives, communities, and society. Our group works on a diverse set of decisions regarding the risks of global environmental change and possible solutions.


Individual adaptation, resilience, and health

We seek to understand underlying constructs and decision making processes that people undergo in response to gradual and acute environmental change.

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Community adaptation and resilience

We seek to assess and build the current capacity of communities and cities to plan and respond to climate change-related impacts.

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Decision making and support

We develop and test decision support tools to promote informed decision-making and improve health outcomes.

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Climate mitigation and energy

We aim to inform behaviorally realistic climate and energy programs in effort to combat deleterious effects of environmental change.

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Our approach

Our approaches crosses disciplinary boundaries, including psychology, decision science, sociology, geography, and public health. Our research is about helping people become more resilient to adverse events and build more sustainable communities to meet the challenge of the risks of global environmental change. In the face of increasing threats to our environment and health, people need to be equipped with relevant information and realistic options. Our research aims to inform the design of interventions, policies and programs that help people make more informed decisions. We use multiple convergent methods -- interviews, surveys, experiments, prospective longitudinal designs, ecological momentary assessments, and remote and personal sensing. When working with frontline communities, we pursue a community-based approach where research is a true collaborative enterprise between researchers and communities.

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